Who Needs Anvil?

Businesses need websites. But cheap sites are a headache to manage, and often don’t support SEO – and a custom website with baked-in digital strategy will cost you an arm and a leg (plus a few extra toes). Where does that leave small businesses, non-profits, and startups? We got tired of asking, so we built Anvil. It’s an affordable, all-in-one solution for the small team with limited time and resources. You focus on growing your business, with less stress and more success.

What's In It For Us?

We’re a small business, and helping other small businesses makes us happy. It’s really that simple. We saw too many small businesses settling for low-quality sites. With Anvil, our clients get a fully managed website customized to their brand, and we get to say that we made the Internet more awesome.

Our Story

Anvil is the brainchild of Shawn Johnston, founder of boutique Vancouver web design agency Forge and Smith. He saw more and more small businesses and non-profits unable to afford a quality website, or keep up with the strategies needed to drive results. A craftsman at heart, Shawn was determined to deliver the solution.

We Think Like Artisans

Like the blacksmith shaping metal over an anvil, we build every website project over our core values: quality and trust.


Who says you can’t have it all – a website that’s quick to build, easy to use, affordable, strategic, and good-looking? Every Anvil site is built to be the total package.


We’re real, local humans who respond quickly, communicate transparently, and are happy to give you face time. Think of us as your remote website department.


The purpose of Anvil websites is to make smart, successful websites accessible to more businesses. That’s why Anvil’s theme is built on WordPress.

No Stress

We can’t take away all of the stress in your day, but we can manage everything that goes on with your website so that you don’t have to.

Learn More

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Want to know even more about how things work with an Anvil custom website solution? You can view our entire process from kickoff to post-launch iterations, or cruise our FAQs and other handy resources.

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