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This is where the magic happens. Turn the Anvil WordPress Theme into the website of your dreams with a design that's customized to your brand. New features, updates, and security patches are automatically included.

Built For SEO

SEO is literally in Anvil’s design DNA, with search-friendly technical specs and compliant code.

Color and Type

Easily pick or change your site’s look and feel with our built-in font library and colour selector.


Anvil sites are designed and fully tested to look great on any size and dimension of mobile device.

Always Accessible

We help ensure your site meets accessibility standards for those with impairments.

Fast Page Speeds

Built-in image optimization tools and regular speed testing keep your pages loading quickly.

Easy To Manage

WordPress makes it easy to quick and easy to edit your copy, add new images, and create new pages.


Your site is easy to adapt as your business grows, from WordPress plugin power-ups to redesigns.

Future Friendly

It’s the only site you’ll ever need! We’ll keep it updated, optimized, and on top of the game.





Choose Your Content

Huge Selection
of Flexible Pages

We've built a library of the most popular page types for small businesses and non-profits. All we have to do is pick the winning combination of pages for your business goals, customize them to your content, and you're ready to roll! Explore each page type to learn more about its purpose.


A common misconception is that the Homepage needs to be the fanciest and flashiest – in reality, your homepage is the gateway to the rest of your content. You want clear, enticing callouts and accessible navigation to the pages where conversions happen.


People care more than ever about buying from companies that share their values. Your About page is where you tell your story, humanize your organization, and give people doing pre-purchase research more reasons to trust in your brand.


Services are what you sell, so you of course you want this page to shine! Your Services page should have engaging images, clear language, and direct paths for the reader to contact you. If your services are highly technical, we recommend adding Service Detail subpages to keep the main landing page uncluttered.


FAQs make excellent content for several reasons! They help both new and existing customers find answers outside your regular business hours. They’re also great for SEO – if your question headings match a common search and the answers are concise, this page can rank well for those searches.


Projects are your company’s digital portfolio. They let a person who is researching your business see your successful work for themselves – and see who you’ve worked with. This is a great way to establish credibility and trust in your business. Projects are more image-driven than Case Studies content.


Your contact page is where people come to CONVERT. They want to talk to you, and you want to make it extra easy to do. Our Contact page template includes places to add your phone number(s), email(s), address including Google Maps API integration to show your location, all social media links, and a form to gather general inquiries.

Our Team

When it comes to humanizing your business, there’s no better way than by having a Team page. This is where you can showcase your team’s expertise, qualifications, and diversity. Our template includes areas to add a name and job title, photo, personal bio, email address, and LinkedIn contact.


If your organization has multiple locations offering different products or services, you’ll want to clearly feature each location’s specifics to avoid confusion. Location pages are also great for local SEO! Our templates allow you to set up multiple locations with all relevant business information.

Find a Store

If your products are available in multiple stores, you’ll definitely want a Find a Store page. It uses Google Maps API integration to help visitors enter their location and find the nearest store from a built-in list. It also features a list of stores and their details, such as address, open hours, and phone number.


If products are what you sell, this page is key content in your website! Your Products page should have engaging images, clear language, and direct paths to find out how and where to buy. If your products need lots of specs and detail, we recommend adding Product Detail subpages to keep the main landing page uncluttered.


There are two great reasons to use these page templates: if your company is a trusted source for information, such as links or PDFs, or if you need to host downloadable content like instructions, troubleshooting, and assembly guides.


A company blog is often misunderstood. It’s one of the most valuable areas of a website when it comes to SEO, because there are very few other places you can regularly add fresh, optimized content. You can share tips, company news, interviews, use cases… the most popular questions you receive are all worthy blog topics!

Events Calendar

If your business regularly hosts events and you want to help people easily access dates, registration, locations, and updates – this is your page. An Events Calendar allows you to easily share all of this information and more about any type of event so you can drive attendance.


Like Projects and Case Studies pages, testimonials are a great way to establish trust and credibility. They allow website visitors to hear other people talk about your company’s awesomeness, which is preferable to telling them yourself. You can feature a customer’s name, company, photo, and a quote of any size.

Case Studies

Case Studies are your company’s proof of expertise and capability. They let a person who is researching your business read about your successful work in detail – and see who you’ve worked with. They’re a great way to establish trust and credibility. Case Studies are more content-driven than Projects, and are very SEO-friendly.


If recruitment is a big goal for your business, a Careers page is a fantastic addition. You can showcase your company culture, benefits, values – anything that you feel would appeal to your target demographics. You can also feature your current openings in detail, with links to apply.

Board of Directors

For non-profit organizations, it’s important to be transparent and share details about your Board of Directors so anyone can learn who is making the decisions. This page allows you to share names and positions, photos, personal bios, and links to contact your BoD.


If your non-profit organization is recruiting volunteers, we’ve got a template for you! You can showcase your organization’s values, who you serve, unique needs – anything that you feel would appeal to potential volunteers. You can also feature current openings in detail, with links to apply.


A key conversion point for most non-profit websites is receiving donations. Our template helps you to provide as much information as is needed about why donations are needed, where donation dollars go, and direct links to make donations.

Get Involved

If your non-profit organization can benefit from other methods of involvement besides volunteering and donations, this template is perfect. You can share information on special activities like corporate fundraisers, donation drives, hosted events, bequests,

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These are just some of the possibilities with Anvil. If you don't see the type of page you need, we can create it thanks to our flexible foundation. Book a chat to tell us exactly what you want, and we'll make it happen.

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