Pricing and Plans

How do I know which monthly plan is right for my business?

During our initial strategy call, you’ll review your goals and content requirements with a real, live digital strategist. Depending on your SEO and overall digital strategy goals we'll determine how much help you'll actually need so we can find the right fit for you. You can always upgrade plans down the road as well, we're here for you no matter what.

What’s the difference between “templates” and “pages”?

Let’s use a common business page as an example. A Services page on your site is managed by a unique template made up of a landing page that includes posts for each individual service. You can have 4 services or 40, but it’s still just one Services template. You might need a lot of individual pages on your website, but they could be managed by 3 or 4 unique templates.

Can I cancel at any time?

After the first 12 months, absolutely. We want you to find value in our platform and when you don’t, we don’t want you locked in forever. Simply let your dedicated strategist know and we’ll shut it all down and work to migrate you to a new host.

What happens to my website if I cancel?

You have two options. One is that we simply shut down your account and delete your website and you walk away with no strings attached. The other option is that you can have us migrate your website to new hosting under your control, but there’s a catch (see the next Q&A).

What happens if I want to take my website with me?

In order for us to move your Anvil site to different hosting, and make it possible for your new developer to edit the website, we have to take a few steps to decouple it from the network. This will involve removing the automatic updates to the theme and companion plugins, any licenses to plugins we own, and compiling the code to make it easier to edit. The cost for this migration is a one time fee of $500. Once your Anvil website has been migrated to your separate hosting, it’s like any other custom WordPress website. However, you will no longer receive theme updates so you’ll miss out on new features, themes, and security patches. We cannot provide support in any way to sites that have been migrated to separate hosting.

Can I change my subscription plan?

Yes. Our plans are based entirely on how much support you need. If you find you need more help, you can upgrade to a larger subscription. If you find you need less, you can downgrade. We want you on the right package for your business.

Do I pay extra for additional user accounts?

Nope. You can have as many user accounts for managing content as you need within your business or organization.

Integrations and Add-ons

What’s the difference between Anvil and Squarespace (or other website platforms)?

Squarespace and other hosted website platforms give you a tool to build your own website. Anvil builds it for you. With Anvil, you get a team of real digital strategy experts, designers and developers in addition to the website platform. You’ll always have the human support you need, and the peace of mind that your site is always up and in tip-top shape. You've got better things to do with your valuable time, like grow your business.

Does Anvil integrate with other services?

Like any other WordPress website out there, there are tons of great services that can easily be added to your site via WordPress' massive library of plugins. If you're unsure what you'll need to get the result you are looking for, let's hop on a call and figure it out together.

Does Anvil support eCommerce?

Yes and no. Anvil does not have an integrated eCommerce solution of its own, nor does it support the popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce. We are, however, big fans of what our Canadian brethren are doing over at Shopify, and Anvil does support their handy Buy Now Button WordPress integration and Paypal Buy Now Buttons. With that said, we would only recommend those options for very small eCommerce needs, like a few items of swag or a single book for sale. For larger scale eCommerce like a retail store, we recommend a full site setup with Shopify instead.

What does the transition from my current website to Anvil look like?

If you’re coming from an older WordPress website, we’ll work with you to migrate over what we can, like blog posts. If you’re coming from a different CMS or platform, there might be some other options, or we’ll do it the old fashioned way with some elbow grease and grit. Once your Anvil site is ready to launch, we’ll help you switch the DNS to our hosting, and help you get the previous hosting account shut down.

If I move to Anvil, will I lose all my current SEO?

No way. We’ll analyze all your current meta data, keywords, and page titles for performance, make adjustments, and migrate it to your new Anvil site. We’ll also ensure that all redirects that are needed due to new permalink structures are taken care of. Our goal isn’t just to maintain your current rankings, but to improve them! We take this very seriously.

Themes and Templates

Can I edit my content?

Absolutely. One of the reasons we built Anvil on WordPress is because it’s easy to use. We ensure you’re able to manage your entire site, from headlines to content, background images to buttons. And if you get stuck, our technical support or your dedicated digital strategist is there to help.

Can I create my own pages and posts?

You sure can. It’s easy to create new pages or posts within your active templates. We want to make sure you’re fully empowered to manage your site. We can even provide you with our flexible content template which can work as temporary areas for campaigns or promotions.

Can I add plugins to my site?

Yes but not on your own. Anvil is built to be a network that allows you to benefit from updates, security patches, and new themes and features. We have to maintain some control over what is introduced into your site. Not all WordPress plugins are safe and secure, or even still maintained, which places your site at risk. If you want to use a plugin to add a feature or functionality to your Anvil site, just chat to our technical support or your dedicated digital strategist about it. We can review the plugin with our development team, or recommend an alternative plugin, and get the approved choice installed on your site and integrated into our maintenance.

Can I add new templates to my site?

Yes. If you want to add a new content area to your website, and need an extra template added to make it happen, it’s easily done. Just chat with our technical support or your dedicated digital strategist about your needs. We’ll work with you to identify what you need, ensure you’re taking advantage of page structure and SEO opportunities, and get your site updated. Keep in mind, each additional template to the site will require some design and development time to full integrate it into your site design, but we can do this for a very affordable $245/template.

Can I manage colours and typefaces?

Yes. We have settings in the Options area of your site that will allow you to change your typefaces used for headlines or body copy, from the Google Fonts library. It's as easy as selecting a new font and clicking save. Don’t like the result? Choose a different one! We also provide colour selectors to allow you change your site colours. Since the interface is completely systematized, you can choose a new primary highlight colour for example, and have all your links, buttons and feature backgrounds updated just like that!

Can I redesign my site in the future?

Yes. If you want to update your branding or if you go through an entirely new branding process, we work with you to update your website to match. All your content, SEO, templates, colours and typography are seamlessly integrated. It's all just CSS (website code), so updating and Anvil has literally been built to look however you want. Pretty slick!

Do I get updates and new features?

Yes. This is the big upside to being on a managed platform! Static self-hosted sites will get stale over time while WordPress and plugins continue to update. On our Anvil network, we’re able to push new features, updates, themes, and security patches seamlessly. And since all our Anvil sites are managed automatically, you don’t have to do anything! Plugins and themes are automatically updated in the background. You can just focus on running your business.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Absolutely! Our sites are 100% responsive, and are fully optimized for any size and dimension of mobile device.

Will my site be optimized for Google search and SEO?

100%. Everything we do at Anvil is focused on SEO. What’s the point of a website that isn’t built to earn traffic? In fact, we’ll do one better. Your dedicated digital strategist will keep an eye on your analytics data, and provide quarterly reviews and recommendations to keep pushing your website higher up the rankings and earn that awesome free organic traffic.

Do you supply photography or icons?

Yes. Included with all our design and content work with you is access to the Shutterstock.com library of royalty-free photography, illustrations, and icons. Just find an image you want, send the link to your dedicated digital strategist and they’ll download it for you. Need help formatting them? We can provide that design time on our Pro or Premium packages. We also have the wildly popular Font Awesome icon library already preloaded in all our themes, so loading an icon can be as easy as searching the library for it and selecting it.

Is copywriting included?

Yes. The hardest part of any website project is the content, and like everything else, we’re here to help. The content process starts with a handoff from the lead strategist to one of our copywriters, so they can get to know your business. We’ll focus first on your main content, usually a services area or something similar. We get you to provide whatever rough copy you can, even if it’s just bullet points, and we’ll polish and optimize it for you. Once this important core content is perfect, we use it, and what we learned through the process, to write the rest of your site content. When approved, we load it into the site and launch!

About Anvil and Websites in General

How does a website help my business?

In today’s market, potential customers will make decisions about whether to use your business or not based on their impression of your website. According to WPForms data, 47% of online searchers will visit a company’s website before making a purchase. This means that the professionalism, aesthetic quality, and tone of your website’s content is incredibly important to how you’re perceived by your customers. Even if SEO and organic search are not your primary goals, there’s still a compelling opportunity to utilize these practices to boost your brand visibility and attract people who have never heard of your business. Your website is effectively your best salesperson and brand ambassador, answering potential customer questions 24/7 – and it’s the only place on the Internet that you can “own”. Make the most of it!

What does my dedicated digital strategist do?

Your dedicated digital strategist (available on Pro and Premium plans) ensures that your site is in tip-top shape, reviews your analytics and SEO data weekly, and is available for any support or questions you might have via the handy commenting system right on your site. You can also book a call with your dedicated digital strategist whenever you’d like. There’s no extra fee or hourly charges for support—we’re always happy to nerd out about websites, SEO, and your traffic.

Who will I be working with specifically? Will I work with the same people every month?

On our Basic plan, you'll have access to our handy support form and will work directly with our development support team. On our Pro and Premium plans you will always have a primary contact point with a digital strategist who can tap into the larger team for design, copywriting, or development needs as they arise. We try our best to keep you with the digital strategist you’re assigned when you come on board. If there’s any change in your strategy team, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and make sure the transition is a smooth one.

I’m in a hurry, how fast can I get my website live?

Pretty quickly! The beauty of the Anvil platform is that it’s both pre-built and customizable, which means we can move super fast. Provided that content doesn't hold us up, we can get a new site live for you within 4-6 weeks. If the content is already done, we can do it in 2-4 weeks.

Where are your digital strategists located? What are their qualifications?

All of our team members are here in BC, though spread all over since we’re a remote company. Every member of the team has professional training from recognized education centres, and at least 2 years of industry experience – although most have much more.

How long have you been in business?

While Anvil is a new product, it’s based on years of work and thousands of hours of effort by our team at Forge and Smith. They’ve been designing and building custom websites on WordPress for 9+ years and counting!

How many clients do you have?

Currently we’re in our startup phase, so we have clients coming on board every day. All our technology is based on the work of our parent company, Forge and Smith, and the team supports over 60 active monthly maintenance clients. Support, transparency, and trust are our core values and are deeply ingrained into our company culture.

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