What To Expect

Our Web Design Process

We create a web design that's customized to your business, and build you a new website on the powerful, flexible Anvil WordPress Theme. Here's how it works.

Book a 30-minute strategic kickoff

In our initial call we'll review the details of your business and website goals. Our kickoff process includes a thorough SEO audit and keyword research, to create the best strategy for your brand new website.

We plan your user experience

We'll help you choose the optimal page types and content structure to give your customers the best possible experience on your site. We'll present a website prototype so you can see how it will all function.

We create your custom web design

Next, we guide you through a custom design process to create a style that incorporates your company's branding and personality. We'll go back-and-forth for as long as needed, until you love what you see.

We build your awesome new WordPress site

We take your custom web design and apply it to your chosen page types. Ta-da! Your website is born. And the best part is that your monthly subscription gets you infinite updates, feature improvements, and security patches.

You fill your site with engaging content

Your website is now ready to be filled with content. Don't worry, you don't need to be a writer! Our team will collaborate with you to create engaging, optimized copy and choose images.

We configure search optimizations and KPI tracking

It’s our job to set your new website up for success. This stage is all on us: we go through our process that includes pre-launch search engine optimization, QA, conversion tracking, plugin configuration, and more.

Your new business website is launched!

It’s like all the best holidays rolled into one! Your website is launched into cyberspace. And you can leave it at that – this is the last website you'll ever need. Your monthly fee covers all the maintenance and updates required to keep your site running smoothly.

Maintenance, strategy, and growth

If you want to earn more website traffic and conversions, learn the basics of digital strategy! You can upgrade to a plan that includes a dedicated digital strategist and quarterly data reports. You can also add copywriting support, social media coaching, or ad campaign coaching and management onto any Basic Anvil plan!

Even More Benefits

You're Not Alone
With Anvil

You get a shiny new WordPress website that's high quality and built quickly. But there's more! Enjoy these other big benefits that come with your monthly subscription. No extra effort required.

Expert advice from real people

We’re like a website team in your pocket. We’ll be working away in the background to keep your site in peak condition, and to answer your questions right away. Plus:

  • Honest advice from day one
  • No more Googling website worries – chat with us!
  • Fast, human responses to bugs or issues

Total website care package

You don’t have to learn how to take care of your website on top of running your business. Forget stress over update notifications or security compliance – we’ve got it. 

  • Automated daily updates
  • Daily website health testing
  • Complete daily backups

WordPress-driven SEO performance

WordPress is quick for us to build and customize, it’s easy for you to edit – and search engines love it, too. Your site gets a competitive edge:  

  • Fast and mobile-friendly user experience 
  • Easy content and image optimization
  • Seamless integration with digital marketing tools

The last website you'll ever need

This bears repeating because we mean it! Your subscription means we’re your website’s dedicated caretakers, and there are lots of ways we can help:

  • Add new pages or custom sections
  • Redesign your site as your business grows
  • Keep it updated, optimized, and ahead of the curve

Anvil – Affordable Custom Web Design